Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rigged Election in Quartzsite - Just a Thought

Could voter fraud be realistic in Quartzsite’s last two recall elections? After recalling some facts that have been questioned over the past three years, that answer could very well be yes.  Here are some facts as I know them. Although I can not recall the specific time, Quartzsite town officials requested an updated registered voter roster from La Paz County shortly after Ed Foster was seated as Mayor. I was present when town officials were asked to explain why the roster was needed. The answer given was very weak and led one to believe something was cooking in the soup kettle.  

So...what was the town cooking up and why? I did not know then, and, I do not know now. But, thoughts are formulating in my mind as I look back at the events. Understand I have no proof of the story I am going to relate to you. My story is strictly fictitious; I have no reason to believe town officials in my story actually took part in anything I write here. Based on known personalities and behavioral traits following is a scenario going through my mind.

My story starts the night Ed Foster was seated as mayor, the council meeting was anything but normal. Since Quartzsite’s incorporation new members of the council and mayors have always been seated at the beginning of a town council meeting following an election. Not this night.

The outgoing Mayor and the rest of the town government planned to strip the incoming mayor of any powers enjoyed by all past mayors. The town’s plan was carried out under a great deal of of heated verbal protesting by citizens attending the meeting. The full council was not swayed by citizen protests as can be viewed by online video on youtube. In an act of defiance the full council just kept passing new restrictions on the office of the mayor.

With the plan of mayoral restrictions put in place the rest of the story could be something like this:  The town manager or other town employee requested and received and updated copy of the registered voters in Quartzsite. With this information at hand town officials were able formulate a plan to protect themselves from any further outside interference.  Those individuals responsible for implementing the action to strip Ed Foster of his powers as mayor most likely realized they would be challenged wherever possible. Therefore, first order of business of this small group of town officials was to assure no seated council member would be ousted by a recall effort.

This unknown group of town officials must have come up with a plan for submitting fraudulent early ballots if a recall effort became successful. The updated voter roster could have had vital information of every registered voter such as their physical and postal addresses. Someone with this information would be able to carry out a plan to control the  outcome of any recall election.

As expected a recall of all seated council members did happen. The plan to control the election must have been put into action.

As the recall election got under way someone with access to the county election office the requested the list of Absentee ballots. With this list along with the master roster of registered voters in hand, someone must have been able to check off voters requesting a absentee ballot in Red ink. This color was used to signify a warning not to mess with the voter’s ballot.  When early ballots became available for pickup at town hall someone must have been able able to get the list of voters who picked up a ballot. Once again these names may have been checked off on the master roster in Red ink indication not to mess with that ballot either. The person in charge of the plan needed a way to identify all potential voters whose ballots could possibly be defrauded. This multi step plan would now require investigation to yield a supply of fraudulent ballots.  First, voters that are snowbirds and own property in Quartzsite have water bills to pay each month. The person in charge may have looked at each water bill received and checked the postmark on the envelope. If the postmark was from a snowbird’s summer address and not checked off in Red ink on the master voter roster that person would have identified a possible ballot to use. This voter’s name was checked off in Green Ink and would indicate the voter would not be in town to vote on election day.  Second, voters living in RV parks and gone for the season were easy to spot and mark in Green ink if their RV space were vacant and they were not checked off in Red ink. For those who leave an RV in the space all year another step was be needed.   someone would have to physically spot an RV voter who remained in town during the upcoming election. One way to see who is in town is to stake out the Post Office for at least a week. Those voters living in RV parks had to stop at the Post Office to pick up mail. People involved in this plan may have made up a schedule fortaking pictures of everyone as they exited the Post Office. If none of the corrupted employees could recognize a face, someone within the town police department may have run a facial recognition through an agency such as NCIC. Once a positive ID matched a voter on the master roster and were not checked off in Red ink, they would be checked off in Blue ink to indicate a possible vote at the polls on election day.  At some point someone in authority may have approached all voters checked in Blue ink and possibly used intimidation tactics in an effort to control their vote.  Third, on election day corrupt spotters would be at the polling place to eliminate the use of prepared fraudulent ballots for voters exiting the polls. Voters seen at the polls were marked in Black ink on the master voter roster and the prepared fraudulent ballot destroyed.  Corrupt individuals involved would have now had all the information needed to feel safe in submitting all the early ballots someone prepared from the Green ink list.  And, if needed any one on the blue Ink list that did not vote could be added to the Green ink list at the last minute.  When the polls closed the early ballots including those from the Green list are turned in to the county elections board. To make sure everything worked correctly, the corrupt group had a count of those exiting the polls. Using this count they could have been able to apply past voting statistics to determine how many fraudulent ballots to submit thereby assuring the outcome of the election.

This type of fraud could have happened at the recall of the council members and the recall of the mayor. With the level of corruption suspected in Quartzsite anything seems to be possible.  Again, I am not saying anyone is actually involved in such a cover up. It just makes an interesting story.


  1. Good fantasy but you got the names RONG the names should be Richerd Oldham, Jade Jones, jack Jones, Michel Roth, Ed Foster, and the Gang that is attempting to bring down Quartzsite Town Government. As usual you and the gang are accusing others of the very thing you and the gang are doing. I bet you do not have the guts to post this and leave it up.

  2. Thomas
    You have bought into the Frodster Oldham gangs propaganda hook line and sinker.
    Ed miscalculated and was celebrating his win befor the count was released. Why would a person do that unless he had attempted to stuff the box? Thought it was in the bag.
    People in Quartzsite have learned not to use there names out of fear the Gang would attack them in Jades rag in her blog and now on face book. Guts has nothing to do with it, just being smart.
    By the way it will be fun to read the AG's report on Frodster and jade, oh did they forget to mention that?

  3. Anonymous what's wrong here? You don't have the courage to use your real name? Over the past year I have seen your work first hand Anonymous. For it was Anonymous that caused so much trouble for Richard Oldham this past year. Anonymous like to report false claims to every agency he can think of. When the agencies show up, Guess who is with them? Anonymous, better known as Al Johnson. Anonymous, You would better be served if you used the handle that you use on your personal email. That being You coward. Do you see me hiding my name when I make a comment? No, and just to make this clear, My name is Rocky Bertsch and I will back every comment I make with fact and a paper, picture and video trail. So, stick that in your funny pipe and smoke that for awhile.

  4. Oh, by the way - I will be leaving your comments on this post because it really shows your low life mentality.

    What really bugs me most is that those of you in Quartzsite that back the extremely corrupt controlling body are really stupid. What is it going to take to open your eyes. You are all like a bunch of horses living in the desert. You can be dying of thirst and lead to the water. But I can't make you drink it.

  5. Mr. Anonymous Johnson needs to use spellcheck. But it makes sense because he is a moron. Little man with tiny hands and feet if you catch my drift. They always repeat this same line of garbage about how Jade and Ed Foster want to destroy this town blah, blah, blah... But do they ever come up with any evidence? No, just character assassination and lies. Ed Foster, Jade and the Q-10 have hard evidence, and you morons can lie all you want to, the video doesn't lie. You can't run, you can't hide from it, and if you think it's over buddy you're mistaken. You and your corrupt police chief are going to jail.And attorney general Horne is gonna kick that slimey bunch off the council, all 7 of them and ban the whole lot from ever holding public office in AZ again. Because there is video of you idiots violating open meeting laws, and that's what happens when you do that. Go back to California while you still can Johnson, If you stay in Q-town you're going to jail.

  6. What I have done NoNuts ..oops.. NoName ..
    Is watched video after video of open meetings violations, violations of private citizens constitutional rights, as well as open and obvious cases of harrasment of private citizens under color of authority.
    What I have also done is take the time to review Arizona State Revised Statutes, La Paz county laws and regulations, the town code of Quartzite Arizona.. and the United States Constitution.

    Laws are being broken by the Town Council on a regular basis, in an open and obvious attempt to suppress the rights of the citizens of Quartzite

  7. @ Mr. Anonymous

    #1 Those squiggly red lines below certain words mean they are misspelled. You don't need to learn to spell, just right click on those words and your computer will tell you how to spell it.

    #2 Most folks don't rig an election to loose.

    #3 How does asking for the financial records and payroll records destroy your town?

    #4 As a financial crimes investigator I'll give you advice... Stop giving the investigators more leads. Trust me your friends don't like it when you talk.

    #5 Mr. J, Public officials have gone to JAIL for a lot less than what you have done. (Turn states evidence while you can. Your buddies will throw you under the bus as soon as the heat comes down. Do you really want to be their fall guy?)

  8. Rocky, I like the voter fraud scenario you described, and it sounds very much like what happened in Quartzsite.
    Anonymous Coward, you do sound like the weasaly Al Johnson with your anti-freedom rhetoric. You don't even know how to spell "Wrong". How dare you talk with such disrespect towards Richard Oldham! He was the first Mayor of Quartzsite, when the government there was open and honest. His government was transparent and the books were open for the public to see. There was no need to hide anything when he was Mayor, unlike the crooks who are on the council these days. If you are Al Johnson, why don't you have the guts to admit it?

  9. Wow this is very sad but entertaining at the same time. Plus it is a great civics lesson for High School Students to watch. All the council had to do was show the mayor the information he asked for. With the stipulation that he and only he could see it. Seems many people trust him and those who do not trust the council. Problem solved. Instead there is all the back stabbing in this small town. When the dust clears all that will be left will be a few broken homes a few divorces and life will go on. Please keep up the good work.


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